Scouts, leaders and parents attending 2019’s merit badge fair.

Canceled for 2020

August 8, 2020 — Exelon Merit Badge Fair



With a heavy sense of loss, the leadership of BSA Troop 1142 is canceling our annual Exelon Merit Badge Fair for 2020.

We also don’t know what restrictions Exelon might have at that point in time that would create problems for us or for them.

We had more than 450 Scouts, leaders, volunteers, counselors and others at last year’s Clinton Power Plant and the surrounding community working on 28 different merit badges. Scouts came from all over Illinois plus Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and as far as Washington and California.

We have been very proud of the diversity of youth able to attend, the skill of the merit badge counselors both locally and from all over the state helping the youth and the support of the community. Expanding to include boy and girl troops was a fantastic blessing for last year.

Unfortunately, that very diversity serves as a potential source of problems. Ultimately, we do not believe lives should be put at risk to earn a merit badge. Not yours, not any relatives or anyone. 

We have been honored to have Exelon’s support at the Clinton Power Station for more than 30 years. We waited and had hoped to have things come out differently but we have seen numerous BSA Scout events postponed or canceled this year to ensure everyone’s health in Illinois. We understand the reasons.

As I said earlier, we fully plan to be back next year in 2021. And we will be reaching out to you for 


Ed Cicenas

Asst Scoutmaster

BSA Troop 1142

 contact Ron Armstrong  (217) 671-1810