The Troop meets every Monday during the year from  6:30 to 8:00 pm at the American Legion at 219 N Elizabeth St, Clinton, IL.   Exceptions due to school events, outings, and holidays will be noted in the Calendar.  At times things may come up and we have to change/cancel a meeting with very short notice. In the event of a change in plans, we will use Scoutbook text messaging and emailing to notify everyone.


Please register on Scoutbook and connect with your child to keep track of their advancement, calendar, and much more. Scoutbook is not only a way to reach out to the troop, families, and leaders but is also used by BSA nationally to track advancement, ranks, merit badges, and more.

 Troop Outings

In addition to weekly troop meetings, the Troop attempts to have some type of field trip monthly just for fun and periodic outdoor activities.  Some examples of field trips might be bowling, go-cart racing, hockey game, gym night, pool night, or ice skating.  Some examples of outdoor activities might be skiing, Klondike Derby, wilderness survival, summer camp, or canoeing.

Required Clothing / Equipment

UNIFORM: The Class A uniform will be worn to Scout Meetings, Courts of Honor, and other events when the Troop is in the public eye. The Class A uniform consists of the official BSA shirt with proper insignia on the shirt as shown in the official Scout Handbook plus the Troop neckerchief, a slide, official scout trousers or shorts, or non-baggy blue jeans without holes or stains, and socks.

The Class B uniform is worn for activities that will likely be sweaty or dirty. It consists of the Class B shirt (any scouting-related shirt in good repair) and official scout trousers or shorts or blue jeans without any holes or stains.

Code of Conduct

Scouting is far more than fun outdoors, hiking and camping. Scouting is a way of Life. Scouting is growing into responsible manhood, learning to be of service to others. The Scout Law is the foundation on which the whole Scouting movement is built. In the Scout Law is expressed the conduct which a Scout tries to live up to. When you are a Scout, the Scout Law becomes your code.

There is something different about the Scout Law that makes them different from other laws. The laws of nations, states and cities are mainly concerned with do’s and don’ts. Not Scout Law. The Scout Law is a statement of facts. A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

If a Scout willfully breaks a Scout Law, he fails as a Scout. The ideals of the Scout Law are high. They are meant to be! It is only by striving toward high ideals and keeping faith with them that a Scout becomes the man they want to be.

This is by no means a complete list of Scouting’s rules and policies but should give parents a good indication of what it is like to be part of our group.